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About Us

Our business model is uniquely different because it is 100% centered on you, our client, having a positive experience with us instead of the traditional method of getting a commission as quickly as possible.

We Want to Be Your Trusted Real Estate Team

After we successfully sell your home and earn your trust as solid Real Estate Professionals we hope that you would then allow us to represent you as your Buyer’s Agent when you purchase your next property. This allows us to gain a Buyer’s Agent commission from the Listing Brokerage on the home you buy. Most traditional listing contracts stipulate that the Listing Agent keep all of the commission if sold without a Buyer’s Agent and, what’s worse, you are left with no professional representation. When you buy with Home Selling Heroes it’s a win/win as you receive full representation and we even rebate you a portion of our commission.

We Strive to Sell Your Property

Our Agents will also work hard to sell your home not just list it. If one of our Agent’s brings their client to successfully purchase your property we are able to earn the Buyer’s Agent commission you chose to offer on the MLS. Unlike other flat fee companies we are actually in the business of selling homes not just listing them on the MLS. We have a genuine team of locally licensed Realtors who sell homes as a career, opposed to an unlicensed office staff that simply lists your property via a Broker on the MLS and walks away.

We Want You to Have a Positive Experience

By ensuring that you have a great experience with us we hope that you would consider referring your neighbors, friends and family our way. This helps us greatly, however we understand that to gain your trust in referring us we need to ensure that you have a great experience selling with us. This is another reason why we strive to provide you with excellent service.

Old Fashioned Hard Work

You’ll note that there is no obligation on any of the ways that we make our profit. We firmly believe in the old fashioned model of earning our business with you. There is never any bait-and-switch and as you can see we are 100% transparent.

Our Team
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